Our DNA is what makes Connections Church distinctive from other churches. It defines WHO we are and WHY we do what we do. In its most basic form that could be seen in the symbolism of the church being the “Bride Of Christ”.  To be the bride that person first “WEDS” the bridegroom.  The word “WEDS” is a beautiful acronym for the DNA we are striving toward and growing into at Connections Church


Is for worship. We are people created by God with the craving of interaction with Him. This is often accomplished thought times of worship in His presence. Those times may vary in style. However, the common denominator is that we are in His presence bringing our gifts of praise and worship.


Is for evangelism. As people who have experienced the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ we are then compelled to share that message with others. Jesus said that He came to seek and save that which was lost.  As His forgiven followers we are the ones he has entrusted with that task. We are his representatives to help bring people into a place of finding reconciliation and peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Is for discipleship. That simply means that we are striving to become more like the Jesus we follow every day. It also means that we are committed to helping you grow and develop on your life journey of faith.


Is for shares.  As Christ’s followers we are committed to sharing lives of compassionate service to others.  We strive to consistently reveal the love of God to people in practical and discernible ways. A person can do this  through serving in the church, your community, your neighbors, or one of many service projects that we will be promoting.